Wallasey Golf Club
Wallasey Golf Club
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The Course

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Hole 1


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Hole 7


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Hole 13


Hole 14


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Hole 16


Hole 17


 Hole 18



“The late Tom Morris is reported to have said quite reverently and appropriately, that there were certain golf courses obviously made by the Creator, and others equally made by man. There can be no doubt as to the class to which Wallasey belongs.” The original pioneers, must have been men of vision to have pictured from the wilderness of scrub and drifting sand the dramatic course that was eventually constructed.

Just two weeks after these pioneers met to explore the possibility of forming a links course Old Tom Morris who had been employed to carry out a survey, reported to a meeting that…”at Wallasey there are all the conditions at hand to form a first class links”. Tom Morris was authorized to lay out a course of length 5,175 yards. Less than four months after the first General Meeting the links were open for play for the then 212 members.  



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Little of the 1891 course remains intact. Gales, blown sand, War Office requirements and the desire for extra length have led to several reconstructions. Only four of the original greens have stood the test of time and are incorporated in the present layout: ‘Stableford’ (2nd), ‘Lane’ (7th), ‘Hummocks’ (8th) and ‘Old Glory’ (12th). Several architects have been used over the years, most notable Harold Hilton (four times Amateur champion and twice Open champion) and James Braid (five times Open champion).