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To Login to the website you need a 'Login' and a 'PIN' number


This can be either the number printed on the front of your Club Card or your Email address.

Please note that if your email address is not unique, you will have to use your Club Card number as the website needs to uniquely identify you.


PIN Number

This was originally set as the DDMM of your date of birth

You may reset your PIN number at any time by going to 'My Golf/Preferences'  A PIN number has to be a minimum of 4 numbers and cannot be easy to guess like 9999 or 1234.



If you are unable to Login please click here to reset your pin code or request a new code using your email address.

If you are still having problems, please click here to email the office

We will email you back as soon as we can so you can try again.


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